Desmo *

Dutch Champion, French Clubchampion 2004

Desmo......for always in our hearts.

Desmo was born on 19-05-2001 and suddenly died on 19-09-2009.

We will never forget him. He was our beloved teddybear.

Hipscore: B and Ellbows: Free (O-status)
Son of Jordi-Kobus v.d. Weelsedijkhoeven and Bixby Diabolo Rouge.

Jordi-Kobus v.d. Weelsedijkhoeve
* Dutch Champion
* Winner 2001
* Bordeauxdog off the year 2001

Bixby Diabolo Rouge
* Dutch Champion
* French Club Champion 2003

Dutch Champion 2003

French Club Champion 2004

BIS all breeds Neumünster Germany 2004

BIG Zuidlaren (NL)

BIG Bleijswijk (NL)

and 3 more group placings in the Netherlands